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About Us

Company History

The history of Estron Chemical began in 1976 with the formation of SBS Chemicals. The company was founded by Dr. Stanislaw B. Skora, who recognized the promise of solvent-free coatings technology while it was still in its infancy. Of particular interest was the powder coatings industry, which was limited in its expansion potential by technical and performance problems. SBS Chemicals was established as a specialty additives and resin company whose focus was on developing products which would allow the industry to overcome many of these obstacles to its growth. The first product line, Resiflow® flow modifiers, was an immediate success that has since become an industry standard. Shortly thereafter, the first specialty wax, SBS-1200™, was introduced and again embraced by the powder coatings industry. Estron has subsequently developed over 100 proprietary, high-performance additives and resins, making it one of the most successful coatings additives companies in its field.

In the mid-1980's, the company relocated to a 17-acre facility in Calvert City, KY, a major chemical manufacturing zone that is also home to multinational corporations such as Air Products, ISP, Degussa, Arkema, and Noveon. With the new location also came a new name: Estron Chemical. The company has over time developed a strong global presence throughout the coatings market, particularly powder, high-solids, coil, waterborne, UV/EB curable and nail varnishes. Through our license, agency, and distribution arrangements, Estron has become a global resource for coatings companies seeking a raw material partner that can provide innovative, high-quality materials in a reliable manner. As the company continues to grow, we remain focused on the driving forces behind our success:

Quality, Flexibility, and Innovation.

Quality Policy

"Estron Chemical, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our customers receive quality products and service that meet their requirements. We achieve this by maintaining a culture of innovation and supporting a quality system that continuously improves our processes."

Estron Chemical, ISO certified since October, 2000.