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Powder Coatings

For over 30 years, Estron additives and resins have been used to produce billions of pounds of smooth, defect free powder coatings.

Resiflow ®, Isocryl ®, Epomatt ™, Escat™, and Oxymelt ® products are the industry standards for quality.

LIquid Coatings

Resiflow® additives for liquid coatings afford: superior flow and leveling, excellent recoat properties, stain resistance, pigment flooding / floating resistance, synergism with silicone additives, mar and slip resistance, air release, incr

UV / EB Coatings

Lumicryl® energy curable acrylic macromers are at the forefront of UV/EB technology providing unique product properties and formulating latitude for 100% solids, solventborne and waterborne systems.


Estron provides Polyester (Polynex ™), Tosylamide Epoxy (Polytex ™) and Tosylamide Formaldehyde (Sulfonex ™) Resins for the nail varnish industry.