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Oxymelt A-4

Oxymelt A-4 is capable of both reducing the melt viscosity of powder coating formulations and eliminating surface defects, especially pinholes, without affecting the applied film color. The additive is noted primarily for its degassing capability in powder coatings cured in electric ovens. Oxymelt A-4 can replace part or all of the benzoin in a powder coating formulation, and is non-yellowing, non-fuming and imparts superior anti-gassing properties. For best results, the product should be used at a concentration of 0.5-4.0%. Oxymelt A-4 can be formulated into powder coating systems such as hybrids and polyester-TGIC for high bake cycles. It is also suitable for epoxies, polyester-HAA, polyurethanes, and acrylics. The material facilitates the release of gases and vapors from powder coatings during the curing process, thereby allowing the formation of pinhole free films. Oxymelt A-4 is provided as free-flowing granules, which are convenient in handling, easy to disperse, and reliable in performance. For each new formulation, an individual laboratory test is required to determine the optimum concentration of the additive.  

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