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Oxymelt A-7

Oxymelt A-7 is capable of reducing the melt viscosity of powder coating formulations and eliminating pinhole defects.  It is particularly effective as an degassing additive in polyester-hydroxyalkylamide (HAA) systems at thicker film builds, and is also useful in polyester-TGIC, hybrid, epoxy, and acrylic systems.  Oxymelt A-7 is not recommended, however, for use in polyurethane systems. 


Oxymelt A-7 melts within a narrow range that allows marked reduction in melt viscosity of resin systems at lower cure temperatures. Depending on the desired melt viscosity modification or degassing effect, Oxymelt A-7 may be used at a concentration of 0.5 - 5% based on the binder system used.  As with any raw material, laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the optimum concentration of the additive, best processing method, suitability for the application and other specific requirements.  Powder coating package stability should be tested.


The product is provided in a free-flowing form that is convenient in handling and easy to disperse.

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