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Resiflow Powder Selection Guide

Download the Selection Guide below available in PDF.


This selection guide is to help choose the best Resiflow product for a particular application. 

Resiflow P-67 will satisfy most performance requirements and is an industry recognized standard.  However, selecting a different Resiflow product may be more appropriate in cases where a coating formulation has more demanding requirements.  Resiflow powder products have over 35 years of product history and are well known for their high quality and performance. Estron continues to support existing products and develop new ones to meet increasing market demands.


Resiflow flow and leveling agents are used to eliminate surface defects such as orange peel, dimples and craters, and will improve the smoothness and overall appearance of powder coatings. Specific Resiflow products can also enhance properties such as resistance to cross-contamination, improve recoatability, intercoat adhesion, stain resistance, edge coverage, distinctness of image and clarity. 


Resiflows are viscous polyacrylate liquids that are converted into two available forms for powder coating formulations: on silica support (P), or masterbatched with a binder resin (MB).  Masterbatches are a pre-dispersed, silica-free option which is comprised of 10% active liquid Resiflow and 90% solid resin. Estron can produce custom masterbatches with the customer’s binder of choice via the company’s proprietary additive dispersion technology. Contact your Estron Sales Representative for more information.

Typical dosage of Resiflow powder products is 0.7-1.5%, or 7-12% for masterbatches.  Flow control agents are surface active.  Therefore, checking recoat adhesion is always advisable when changing flow control agents.  Laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the optimum concentration of the flow additive, best processing method and suitability for the application. 

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