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Epoxy Hardener G-91

Epoxy Hardener G-91 is an imidazole type of curing agent for epoxy-based powder coatings.  Coatings cured with Epoxy Hardener G-91 show excellent chemical resistance, mechanical properties and the capability for low temperature cure.  The recommended dosage of Epoxy Hardener G-91 is 3-6 parts per 100 parts of epoxy resin.  High gloss epoxy powder coatings based on this hardener can be cured at temperatures ranging from 200°C to 110°C.  The powder coating formulator has flexibility in assigning cure schedule profiles for various substrates such as composites or MDF since the physical film properties are not affected by cure temperature.  Additionally, Epoxy Hardener G-91 is a prime choice for use with Estron’s matting agent Epomatt G-152 to create matte, interior-grade powders that can cure as low as 125°C.        

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