Powder Coatings

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Powder coatings are at the forefront of innovation from the standpoint of sustainability. Having little to no VOC’s and being virtually 100% recyclable, these types of coatings are well-suited for green solutions.

Estron’s focus on research and development is continuing to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the coatings world today.  Our additives, resins and catalysts enhance coatings performance with the properties they impart while improving production processes.

Our product portfolio includes:

*          Flow Control Additives
*          Matting Agents
*          Catalysts
*          Curing Agents
*          GMA Curing Resins
*          Acrylic Resins
*          Epoxy Curing Agents
*          Degassing Agents
*          Masterbatches
*          Waxes

Powder Coating Brands

Flow Control Additives Resiflow™
Acrylic Resins Isocryl™, GMA
Catalysts Butaflow™, Escat™, Octaflow™
Matting Resins Epomatt, Isocryl
Curing Agents Epoxy Hardner G
Degassing Agents Oxymelt
Masterbatches Resiflow

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