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Driven by the desire to enhance sustainability, advancements in the cure of today’s polymer coatings use ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) cure technologies. These processes eliminate the need for traditional cure methods by duplicating the radiant energy produced by the sun to convert a liquid coating into a solid, cured film.  This UV/EB cure method leaves a lesser environmental footprint with resultant lower VOC’s and decreases manufacturing costs by reducing cycle time without sacrificing performance properties.

Estron’s Lumicryl™ energy curable acrylic macromers are at the forefront of UV/EB technologies, providing unique and innovative properties and formulating latitude for 100% solid or solvent-borne systems.

UV/EB Coating Brands

Solvent-Borne Lumicryl™; Polytex™
100% Solids

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