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Product Application Laboratories

The demands of today’s business environment leave our customers with fewer resources to develop innovative products.  By staffing state-of-the-art application laboratories for both powder and liquid coating applications, Estron introduces products to the market that have been thoroughly screened, thereby offering our customers a higher likelihood of commercial success and helping to shorten the testing process.  Product concepts are driven by both market needs directed by our commercial group and by Research and Development chemists, all of whom have years of real-world experience in their respective fields.  These innovative concepts are developed into commercially-viable Beta-stage products prior to market launch.  This degree of product development allows our customers to fast track cutting-edge technology managed by experts uniquely suited to facilitate the process.

Both the powder and liquid application laboratories are fully capable of screening new technology, formulating and producing commercially-relevant starting point formulations, as well as providing individualized support to develop customer-specific formulations utilizing Estron’s unique product line, often under non-disclosure agreements.  In the event of quality problems at a customer location, Estron’s application staff is ready to assist in identifying the root cause of the problem regardless of the source. 

Powder Coatings

Estron has been an industry leader in additives and polymeric resins, catalysts, waxes and matting agents used in powder coatings for more than 40 years.  These innovative products have been used in formulations to produce millions of pounds of high quality, smooth, defect-free powder coatings for multiple market segments around the world. 

Liquid Coatings

Estron’s broad range of co-resins, binders, crosslinkers, catalysts, and additives enhance the performance and application of liquid coatings across a variety of technologies and substrates. These innovative products afford superior performance in key properties including flow and leveling, excellent recoat properties, synergy with silicone additives, stain resistance, pigment flooding / float resistance, mar and slip resistance, and air release, amongst others.

UV/EB Coatings

Estron is a major manufacturer of resins and formulation additives for the UV / EB coatings market.  We have an innovative selection of products that can satisfy multiple market needs.   At the forefront of the industry, our Lumicryl® acrylic macromers are energy-curable and provide ease and flexibility of formulation for solventborne, waterborne and 100% solid systems.

Personal Care

At Estron, we understand the effect that beauty can have on enhancing lives. Our selection of resins and additives for the nailvarnish market allow for a wide and innovative formulating range.
We offer Polyester (Polynex ™), Tosylamide Epoxy (Polytex™), and Tosylamide Formaldehyde (Sulfonex ™) resins for the nail industry.


Estron has developed a range of innovative and customizable additive and resins for the adhesives market. Our Resiflow® and Isocryl™ products are designed for a variety of adhesive applications.