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Epoxy Hardener G-92

Epoxy Hardener G-92 is a phenolic curing agent for use with epoxy and epoxy novolac-based powder coatings. Coatings made with Epoxy Hardener G-92 exhibit the excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties for which phenolic-cured epoxy coatings are noted. This hardener offers formulators the versatility of using differing cure cycles while maintaining performance properties. For example, powder coatings made with Epoxy Hardener G-92 can be “snap” cured in 2 minutes at 200°C or low-temperature cured in 20 minutes at 120°C while maintaining both mechanical (160 reverse inch pounds impact) and chemical resistance (100+ MEK double rubs) properties. In addition, powder coatings made with Epoxy Hardener G-92 have good package stability and exhibit very low yellowing. The recommended dosage level of Epoxy Hardener G-92 is 25% of the binder with a traditional type III epoxy resin.  

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