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Isocryl EP-462

Isocryl® EP-462 is a solid, glycidyl-functional acrylic binder resin which can be cured with carboxyl or amine functional curatives to provide coatings with a high degree of outdoor durability.  For example, Isocryl        EP-462 can be cured with dodecanedioic acid to make a smooth, clear, high-gloss coating with excellent durability.


Isocryl EP-462 has a high Glass Transition Temperature and can be used either by itself or in combination with other acrylic resins, for example, Isocryl EP-460 to enhance storage stability of formulated powders.


As with any raw material, laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the best processing method and the optimum concentration of Isocryl EP-462.

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