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Isocryl EP-560G

Isocryl® EP-560G is the ground version of Isocryl® EP-560G resin flakes.  Isocryl® EP-560G is a novel glycidyl functional acrylic resin used for the gloss modification of exterior durable polyester powder coatings.  As with its predecessor, Isocryl® EP-550, “one shot”, matte, TGIC-free, weatherable finishes can be produced with Isocryl® EP-560G in conjunction with acid functional linear polyesters.  Polyester resins typically used for TGIC, Primid or Araldite PT-910 powder coatings are well suited for use with Isocryl® EP-560G, although crosslinkers such as TGIC are not recommended to be used in formulations with Isocryl® EP-560G.


The convenient and consistent production of matte finishes with 60° gloss <5% using Isocryl® EP-560G eliminates the need to dry blend powders of different reactivities in order to reduce gloss.  A typical binder consists of 75 parts polyester and 25 parts Isocryl® EP-560G.  Mechanical properties and chemical resistance are enhanced with the use of Estron’s specialty additive ESCAT 22, which is generally used at one-tenth the amount of Isocryl® EP-560G.


A thorough premix and single pass through a twin screw extruder are recommended to produce a stable, homogeneous powder coating.  As with any raw material, laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the optimum concentration of the binder components, best processing method, suitability for the end use application, and other pertinent requirements. It is not recommended, however, to formulate with TGIC or Primid in combination with Isocryl® EP-560G due to possible higher, inconsistent gloss and shorter useable shelf life of the powder coating. The low gloss formulations can be marketed as “TGIC-free”.


Key attributes of Isocryl® EP-560G include:

·         Dependable low gloss regardless of polyester melt viscosity

·         Ultra matte at both 60° and 85°

·         Improved compatibility with non-acrylic powder coatings

·         Smooth finish

·         Excellent flexibility, impact and solvent resistance with ESCAT 22


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