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Isocryl H-1871

Isocryl H-1871 is a solid, hydroxyl-functional acrylic resin specifically designed for one-shot, low to mid-gloss, exterior durable polyurethane powder coatings. Isocryl H-1871 is used in conjunction with conventional or superdurable hydroxyl polyesters to be cured with blocked isocyanate or uretdione hardeners.  Formulations with 60° gloss ranging from 5-50% are possible depending on the binder composition, pigmentation, choice of flow control agent, and addition of organic acid such as DDDA.   Two key benefits of using Isocryl H-1871 with 30-40 hydroxyl value polyesters are (a) reduced amount of required curing agent compared to formulations based on combining high and low OH value polyesters and (b) consistent gloss reproducibility. Resiflow P-64F, which has a dramatic influence in the matting mechanism of Isocryl H-1871, is the recommended flow control agent for formulations based on Isocryl H-1871. Powder coatings formulated with Isocryl H-1871 demonstrate good storage stability and are not sensitive to processing conditions in the extruder.   As with any raw material, laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the optimum concentration of Isocryl H-1871, best processing method and application equipment settings. Powder coatings containing Isocryl H-1871 may require lower kV settings on corona application equipment to achieve the best appearance. PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES Exterior durable   One shot low to mid-gloss polyurethanes  Low Crosslinker Demand Smooth Appearance  Reproducible Gloss  Resiflow P-64F is essential to matting  Adjustable gloss   Use with standard or superdurable polyesters Use with caprolactam-blocked or uretdione hardeners Good mechanical and solvent resistance properties Good physical and chemical package stability Excellent burnish resistance, especially at lower gloss levels  

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