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Lumicryl 3053

Lumicryl® 3053 is a UV/EB-curable acrylic macromer suitable for formulating coatings and inks for application on film, laminate, plastic, metal, wood, paper or other substrates.  Cured coatings based on Lumicryl® 3053 have high hardness and good chemical resistance. Lumicryl® 3053 can be used to formulate clear, pigmented or highly filled systems. 


Coatings utilizing Lumicryl® 3053 may be applied using conventional application equipment such as roller, spray, flexo, gravure, screen and others.  Formulations based on Lumicryl® 3053 will dry to a tack-free, dry-to-touch, film after the solvent is flashed off.  The dried, but uncured, coating remains in a thermoplastic state and can undergo intermediate processing such as stamping, forming, transfer laminating, thermal transfer, sanding, and re-coating prior to UV curing. 


The addition of common photoinitiators during the formulating stage is generally sufficient to afford rapid cure of the coating after solvent removal. 

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