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Polytex E-100

Polytex E-100 is a tosylamide resin modifier for use in lacquers, inks, adhesives and UV curable coatings.  Polytex E-100 enhances gloss, DOI (Distinctness of Image), adhesion to numerous substrates, compatibility and overall coating durability.

 Polytex E-100 has excellent compatibility with most commercial polymeric binders, pigments and plasticizers.  Solutions of Polytex E-100 have a low viscosity, and offer the advantage of formulating high-solids lacquers. Polytex E-100 is soluble in ketones, esters, and a variety of acrylic monomers and diluents for UV applications.  Its excellent solubility in glycol ethers makes the product useful in water-based formulations.  Polytex E-100 is insoluble in aliphatics, affording resistance to oil, grease and gasoline.

 The recommended level of usage in inks, lacquers and coatings is 5-15% of the total formulation. In adhesives formulations, it can be used at levels of up to 30%.  In adhesives, Polytex E-100 improves bonding between substrates such as cellophane and aluminum foils, to themselves, and to paper.  Bond strengths are maintained at temperatures of up to 60°C (140°F), dependent upon the specific formulation.

 Polytex E-100 tosylamide resin is available in butyl acetate solution as Polytex E-75.  Polytex E-100 also can be supplied as a granulated solid designated Polytex E-100G.  Polytex E-100G may sinter during storage or shipment particularly at elevated ambient temperatures, and is therefore available only by special request.    


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