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Polytex E-75

Polytex E-75 is a tosylamide resin modifier for use in lacquers, inks, and adhesives. Polytex E- 75 enhances gloss, DOI (Distinctness of Image), adhesion to numerous substrates, compatibility and overall coating durability. Polytex E-75 is a formaldehyde-free resin alternative for nail lacquers. Due to the excellent DOI and film build-up properties, the necessity of multiple coats of clear (and pigmented) lacquers is reduced. Polytex E-75 has excellent compatibility with most commercial polymeric binders, pigments and plasticizers. Polytex E-75 has a workable low viscosity and offers the advantage of formulating high-solids lacquers. Polytex E-75 is insoluble in aliphatics, affording resistance to oil, grease and gasoline. The recommended level of usage in inks, lacquers and coatings is 7-20% of the total formulation. In adhesives formulations, it can be used in levels of up to 35%. Polytex E-100 is the 100% solids version of Polytex E-75.

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