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Resiflow L-65F

Resiflow L-65F is an acrylic flow control agent that is used mainly in solvent borne automotive clearcoats such as two component urethane, polyester-melamine or polyacrylic-melamine.  In addition to providing excellent leveling, Resiflow L-65F also affords three other notable attributes:   Excellent clarity in non-pigmented systemsImprove formulation robustness and cratering resistance from oversprayGood anti-pop / solvent-popping characteristic   The recommended dosage of Resiflow L-65F is 0.2-1.5% based on binder solids. As with any raw material laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the best processing method and the optimum concentration of the additive.   Resiflow L-65F is also available in a solvent cut version named Resiflow L-65F-50 (Acetone).  For powder coating clearcoat applications, Resiflow L-65F is available in several resin masterbatches.  

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