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Resiflow PL-210

Resiflow PL-210 is noted for its outstanding performance in extremely demanding powder coating applications that require improved gloss, wet look and smoothness, compared to other classical type flow control additives.  The product is based on the liquid acrylic polymer Resiflow L-210 that has been converted into free-flowing powder by adsorption onto silica-type filler.   For best results, the material should be dry-blended with other coating raw materials, then homogenized in a heated extruder.  The active ingredient is released and dispersed with the other components during extrusion resulting in a uniform system. Surface defects such as orange peel, craters, pinholes, and other imperfections can be minimized or eliminated by incorporating 0.7-1.5% of Resiflow PL-210 into the premix with the other coating raw materials. This product has reliable performance across the spectrum of binder chemistries including polyesters, polyurethanes, hybrids, epoxies, and acrylics.   As with any silica supported flow control agent, Resiflow PL-210 should be thoroughly evaluated to determine the best processing method and the optimum concentration of the additive, suitability for the application, as well as to test compatibility and recoat adhesion.

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