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SBS-1215 Wax

SBS-1215 Wax is a special polyolefin-PTFE composition used in powder coatings to provide exceptional scratch, abrasion, mar and water resistance. This product imparts slip, lowers gloss and can be used in a wide array of binders such as polyesters, hybrids, polyurethanes and epoxies. Dosages of 0.5-1% are used to achieve optimal slip properties and mar resistance. At concentrations of 1.5 - 6%, substantial reduction of 60° gloss to approximately 40-50% can be realized. SBS-1215 is easily incorporated at the premix stage and homogenizes with the other raw materials during extrusion. As with any raw material, laboratory evaluation is required for each formulation to determine the best processing method and the optimum concentration of the additive.  

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